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Company Book Closures:

Up coming and one month old book closing dates of companies listed at Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE).

With Payouts

Note: Current PSX rule for Ex Date is "BC - 2" which means that book closure start date minus 2 working days will become the Ex-date which further means that book closure start date minus 3 working days will become last date of spot.

Symbol Company Name Face Value Last Close BC From BC To Payout
AABSAl-Abbas Sugar Mills Limited10263.842019-01-192019-01-26Dividend=500%
NONSNoon Sugar Mills Limited1072.352019-01-202019-01-26Dividend=26%
ALNRSAl-Noor Sugar Mills Limited1044.262019-01-212019-01-30Dividend=15%
FRSMFaran Sugar Mills Limited1079.002019-01-212019-01-28Dividend=37.5%
JSMLJauharabad Sugar Mills Limited1044.902019-01-212019-01-28Dividend=10%
SHSMLShahmurad Sugar Mills Limited10123.502019-01-212019-01-30Dividend=70%
MRNSMehran Sugar Mills Limited10107.502019-01-222019-01-28Dividend=30%
MIRKSMirpurkhas Sugar Mills Limited1095.002019-01-222019-01-28Dividend=15%

Without Payouts

Symbol Company Name BC From BC To
HWQSHaseeb Waqas Sugar Mills Limited2019-01-182019-01-25
SANSMSanghar Sugar Mills Limited2019-01-182019-01-26
KPUSKhairpur Sugar Mills Limited2019-01-192019-01-26
TICLThal Industries Corporation Limited2019-01-202019-01-26
DWSMDewan Sugar Mills Limited2019-01-212019-01-28
IMSLImperial Sugar Limited2019-01-212019-01-28
JDWSJ.D.W. Sugar Mills Limited2019-01-212019-01-28
SHJSShahtaj Sugar Mills Limited2019-01-212019-01-28
SMLShakarganj Limited2019-01-212019-01-28
AGSMLAbdullah Shah Ghazi Sugar Mills Limited2019-01-222019-01-28
BAFSBaba Farid Sugar Mills Limited2019-01-222019-01-28
SSGCSui Southern Gas Company Limited2019-02-072019-02-15

Book Closures with payouts started during last 45 days

Symbol Company Name Face Value BC From BC To Payout
AMBLApna Microfinance Bank Limited102018-11-302018-12-06Right=37.59%
DLLDawood Lawrancepur Limited102018-11-302018-12-06Dividend=20%
HBLHabib Bank Limited102018-12-112018-12-17Dividend=10%
ATLHAtlas Honda Limited102018-12-132018-12-20Dividend=100%
FFCFauji Fertilizer Company Limited102018-12-132018-12-19Dividend=18%
OGDCOil and Gas Development Company Limited102018-12-132018-12-20Dividend=27.50%
CLOVClover Pakistan Limited102018-12-182018-12-24Dividend=30%
ARPLArchroma Pakistan Limited102018-12-212018-12-28Dividend=400%
GLPLGillette Pakistan Limited102019-01-022019-01-08Dividend=12.5%
SIEMSiemens Pakistan Engineering Co. Limited102019-01-052019-01-15Dividend=750%
SASMLSind Abadgar Sugar Mills Limited102019-01-102019-01-18Dividend=16%
HABSMHabib Sugar Mills Limited52019-01-142019-01-28Dividend=55%

Disclaimer: ksestocks.com is not a KSE website. For KSE official website please visit www.psx.com.pk
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