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Welles Wilder's Parabolic SAR Indicator:

(SAR = Stop And Reverse)

Caution: This indicator works well in trending shares (either up or down) only. If the share price is moving sideways (horizontally) in a narrow band, using this indicator for entry/exit decisions can become fatal. In such case use Pivot Points.

Use "Welles Wilder's ADX" for trend determination.

Once you make an entry based on Parabolic SAR, exit only when it is recommended by Parabolic SAR. Do not change indicators for entry and exit.

Disclaimer: Stock market is a risky place and trading based on this indicator is totally on your own risk. We assume absolutely no responsibility if you bear losses in your trading.

Select Company & Stepping Options:
Ideal Settings Step Factor Max Factor
Stock Markets 0.01 0.10
Commodities/Forex 0.02 0.20
Step Factor: Max Factor:

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