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Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited:

Contact information:

Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited

Share Registrar Department,
CDC House, 99-B, Block-B,
S.M.C.H.S., Main Shahrah-e-Faisal

0800 23275

(021) 34326053

Web Address:

Email Address:

List of companies dealt-in by Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited

S. No. Company Name & Symbol S. No. Company Name & Symbol
1 Aisha Steel Mills Limited
Symbol: ASL
31 Javedan Corporation Limited (Pref Shares)
Symbol: JVDCPS
2 Aisha Steel Mills Limited (Preference Shares)
Symbol: ASLPS
32 Jubilee Life Insurance Company Limited
Symbol: JLICL
3 Al-Abbas Sugar Mills Limited
Symbol: AABS
33 K-Electric Limited
Symbol: KEL
4 Al-Shaheer Corporation Limited
Symbol: ASC
34 K.S.B. Pumps Co. Limited
Symbol: KSBP
5 Arif Habib Corporation Limited
Symbol: AHCL
35 Khyber Tobacco Company Limited
Symbol: KHTC
6 Arif Habib Limited
Symbol: AHL
36 Lalpir Power Limited
Symbol: LPL
7 Askari Bank Limited
Symbol: AKBL
37 Linde Pakistan Limited
Symbol: LINDE
8 Attock Petroleum Limited
Symbol: APL
38 Loads Limited
Symbol: LOADS
9 Bolan Casting Limited
Symbol: BCL
39 Lucky Cement Limited
Symbol: LUCK
10 Cherat Cement Company Limited
Symbol: CHCC
40 Mirpurkhas Sugar Mills Limited
Symbol: MIRKS
11 Cherat Packaging Limited.
Symbol: CPPL
41 Murree Brewery Company Limited
Symbol: MUREB
12 Dawood Lawrancepur Limited
Symbol: DLL
42 National Bank Of Pakistan
Symbol: NBP
13 Din Textile Mills Limited
Symbol: DINT
43 Oil and Gas Development Company Limited
Symbol: OGDC
14 Fatima Fertilizer Company Limited
Symbol: FATIMA
44 Orient Rental Mod
Symbol: ORM
15 Fauji Fertilizer Company Limited
Symbol: FFC
45 Pak Suzuki Motor Company Limited
Symbol: PSMC
16 Faysal Bank Limited
Symbol: FABL
46 PAKGEN Power Limited
Symbol: PKGP
17 First Habib Modarba Limited
Symbol: FHAM
47 Pakistan Engineering Company Limited
Symbol: PECO
18 First UDL Modarba
Symbol: FUDLM
48 Pakistan International Airlines Corporation
Symbol: PIAA
19 Gadoon Textile Mills Limited
Symbol: GADT
49 Pakistan International Airlines Corporation (B Class Shares)
Symbol: PIAB
20 GlaxoSmithKline (Pakistan) Limited
Symbol: GLAXO
50 Pakistan Reinsurance Company Limited
Symbol: PAKRI
21 GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Pakistan Limited
Symbol: GSKCH
51 Roshan Packages Limited
Symbol: RPL
22 Habib Bank Limited
Symbol: HBL
52 Sana Industries Limited
Symbol: SNAI
23 Habib Metro Modaraba
Symbol: HMM
53 Shield Corporation Limited
Symbol: SCL
24 Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited
Symbol: HMB
54 Silkbank Limited
Symbol: SILK
25 Hascol Petroleum Limited
Symbol: HASCOL
55 Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited
Symbol: SNGP
26 Hi-Tech Lubricants Limited
Symbol: HTL
56 Sui Southern Gas Company Limited
Symbol: SSGC
27 IBL HealthCare Limited
Symbol: IBLHL
57 The Searle Company Limited
Symbol: SEARL
28 Indus Motor Company Limited
Symbol: INDU
58 United Brands Limited
Symbol: UBDL
29 International Knitwear Limited
Symbol: INKL
59 United Distributors Pakistan Limited
Symbol: UDPL
30 Javedan Corporation Limited
Symbol: JVDC

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