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List of Companies listed at Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE):

Total listed companies = 573
Total sectors in which listed = 35


(Number of companies in sector: 12)
SymbolCompany Name Sorted by company nameFace ValueYear EndO.S. SharesRegistrar
AGTLAl-Ghazi Tractors Limited5Dec57,964,201FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
ATLHAtlas Honda Limited10Mar103,406,613Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
DFMLDewan Farooque Motors Limited10Jun138,735,242BMF Consultants Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited
GHNLGhandara Nissan Limited10Jun57,002,500THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
GHNIGhandhara Industries Limited10Jun42,608,844Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
GAILGhani Automobile Industries Limited10Jun50,000,000Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
HINOHinoPak Motors Limited10Mar12,400,600FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
HCARHonda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Limited10Mar142,800,000Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
INDUIndus Motor Company Limited10Jun78,600,000Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
MTLMillat Tractors Limited10Jun44,292,541Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
PSMCPak Suzuki Motor Company Limited10Dec82,299,851Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
SAZEWSazgar Engineering Works Limited10Jun21,566,841Corptec Associates (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 10)
SymbolCompany Name Sorted by company nameFace ValueYear EndO.S. SharesRegistrar
AGILAgriautos Industries Limited5Jun28,800,000Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
ATBAAtlas Battery Limited10Jun24,359,676Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
BWHLBaluchistan Wheels Limited10Jun13,334,250Shares & Corporate Services (Pvt.) Limited
BELABela Automotive Limited10Jun5,800,000JWAFFS Registrar Services (Pvt.) Limited
DWAEDewan Automotive Engineering Limited10Jun21,400,000BMF Consultants Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited
EXIDEExide Pakistan Limited10Mar7,768,618THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
GTYRGeneral Tyre and Rubber Co. of Pakistan Limited10Jun101,611,125Management & Registration Services (Pvt.) Limited
LOADSLoads Limited10Jun151,250,000Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
THALLThal Limited5Jun81,029,917Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
TREITransmission Engineering Industries Limited10Jun11,700,000F.D. Registrar Services (SMC-Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 7)
SymbolCompany Name Sorted by company nameFace ValueYear EndO.S. SharesRegistrar
CECLClimax Engineering Company Limited10Jun3,312,000Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
JOPPJohnson and Phillips (Pakistan) Limited10Jun5,450,000C & K Management Associates (Pvt.) Limited
PAELPak Elektron Limited10Dec497,681,485Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
PELPSPak Elektron(Pref)10Jun44,957,592 
PCALPakistan Cables Limited10Jun35,577,970THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SIEMSiemens Pakistan Engineering Co. Limited10Sep8,247,037THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
WAVESWaves Singer Pakistan Limited10Jun163,133,965Corplink (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 21)
SymbolCompany Name Sorted by company nameFace ValueYear EndO.S. SharesRegistrar
ACPLAttock Cement (Pakistan) Limited10Jun137,426,961FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
BWCLBestway Cement Limited10Jun596,252,783THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
CHCCCherat Cement Company Limited10Jun176,631,853Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
DGKCD.G. Khan Cement Company Limited10Jun438,119,097Self Handled
DBCIDadabhoy Cement Industries Limited10Jun98,236,644Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
DNCCDandot Cement Company Limited10Jun94,840,000Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
DCLDewan Cement Limited10Jun484,113,343BMF Consultants Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited
FCCLFauji Cement Company Limited10Jun1,379,815,025Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
FECTCFecto Cement Limited10Jun50,160,000F.D. Registrar Services (SMC-Pvt.) Limited
FLYNGFlying Cement Company Limited10Jun176,000,000THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
GWLCGharibwal Cement Limited10Jun400,273,960Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
JVDCJavedan Corporation Limited10Jun288,495,438Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
JVDCPSJavedan Corporation Limited (Pref Shares)10Jun132,000Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
KOHCKohat Cement Limited10Jun200,861,294AZM Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
LUCKLucky Cement Limited10Jun323,375,000Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
MLCFMaple Leaf Cement Factory Limited10Jun593,700,666Vision Consulting Limited
PIOCPioneer Cement Limited10Jun227,148,793Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
POWERPower Cement Limited10Jun1,063,414,434Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
SMCPLSafe Mix Concrete Limited10Jun25,000,000THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
THCCLThatta Cement Company Limited10Jun99,718,125Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
ZELPZeal Pak Cement Factory Limited10Jun427,838,526Your Secretary (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 29)
SymbolCompany Name Sorted by company nameFace ValueYear EndO.S. SharesRegistrar
AGLAgritech Limited10Dec392,430,000Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
AGLNCPSAgritech Limited Non-voting Class (Pref Shares)10Jun159,334,269Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
AKZOAkzo Nobel Pakistan Limited10Dec46,443,250FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
ARPLArchroma Pakistan Limited10Sep34,118,229FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
BAPLBawany Air Product Limited10Jun7,502,510C & K Management Associates (Pvt.) Limited
BERGBerger Paints Pakistan Limited10Jun20,459,710THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
BIFOBiafo Industries Limited10Jun26,400,000Riasat Ishtiaq Consulting (Pvt.) Limited
BUXLBuxly Paints Limited10Jun1,440,000Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
COLGColgate Palmolive (Pakistan) Limited10Jun57,545,920FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
DAAGData Agro Limited10Jun4,000,000Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
DOLDescon Oxychem Limited10Jun102,000,000Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
DOLCPSDescon Oxychem Limited (12%Non-Voting Preference Shares)10Jun110,000,000 
DYNODynea Pakistan Limited5Jun18,872,400Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
EPCLEngro Polymer and Chemicals Limited10Dec908,923,333FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
GGLGhani Gases Limited10Jun138,881,571THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
ICII.C.I. Pakistan Limited10Jun92,359,050FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
ICLIttehad Chemical Limited10Jun84,700,000Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
LPGLLeiner Pak Gelatine Limited10Jun7,500,000Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
LOTCHEMLotte Chemical Pakistan Limited10Dec1,514,207,200FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
NICLNimir Industrial Chemicals Limited10Jun110,590,546Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
NRSLNimir Resins Limited5Jun282,642,128Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
PGCLPakistan Gum and Chemiclas Limited10Dec4,248,552JWAFFS Registrar Services (Pvt.) Limited
PAKOXYPakistan Oxygen Limited10Dec25,038,700Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
PPVCPakistan PVC Limited10Jun14,958,000Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
SARCSardar Chemical Industries Limited10Jun6,000,000Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
SHCIShaffi Chemical Industries Limited10Jun12,000,000Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
SITCSitara Chemical Industries Limited10Jun21,429,524Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
SPLSitara Peroxide Limited10Jun55,100,000Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
WAHNWah Noble Chemicals Limited10Jun9,000,000Ilyas Saeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 8)
SymbolCompany Name Sorted by company nameFace ValueYear EndO.S. SharesRegistrar
DOMFDominion Stock Fund Limited10Jun5,000,000 
FDMFFirst Dawood Mutual Fund10Jun58,075,000F.D. Registrar Services (SMC-Pvt.) Limited
GASFGolden Arrow Selected Funds Limited5Jun152,098,344JWAFFS Registrar Services (Pvt.) Limited
HGFAHBL Growth Fund10Jun283,500,000Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
HIFAHBL Investment Fund10Jun284,125,000Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
INMFInvestec Mutual Fund10Jun10,000,000 
PUDFPrudential Stocks Fund Limited10Jun6,000,000Shares & Corporate Services (Pvt.) Limited
TSMFTri-Star Mutual Fund Limited10Jun5,000,000Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 20)
SymbolCompany Name Sorted by company nameFace ValueYear EndO.S. SharesRegistrar
ABLAllied Bank Limited10Dec1,145,073,830Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
AKBLAskari Bank Limited10Dec1,260,260,180Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
BAFLBank Al-Falah Limited10Dec1,774,362,873F.D. Registrar Services (SMC-Pvt.) Limited
BAHLBank Al-Habib Limited10Dec1,111,425,419Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
BOKBank Of Khyber Limited10Dec1,000,371,168THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
BOPBank Of Punjab Limited10Dec2,643,692,380Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
BIPLBankislami Pakistan Limited10Dec1,007,912,192Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
FABLFaysal Bank Limited10Dec1,517,696,526Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
HBLHabib Bank Limited10Dec1,466,852,508Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
HMBHabib Metropolitan Bank Limited10Dec1,047,831,480Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
JSBLJS Bank Limited10Dec1,297,464,262Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
MCBMCB Bank Limited10Dec1,185,060,006THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
MEBLMeezan Bank Limited10Dec1,169,192,354THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
NBPNational Bank Of Pakistan10Dec2,127,512,862Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
SBLSamba Bank Limited10Dec1,008,238,648FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SILKSilkbank Limited10Dec9,081,861,237Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
SNBLSoneri Bank Limited10Dec1,102,463,503THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SCBPLStandard Chartered Bank Limited10Dec3,871,585,021THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SMBLSummit Bank Limited10Dec2,638,151,060Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
UBLUnited Bank Limited10Dec1,224,179,688THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 19)
SymbolCompany Name Sorted by company nameFace ValueYear EndO.S. SharesRegistrar
ADOSAdos Pakistan Limited10Jun6,582,600JWAFFS Registrar Services (Pvt.) Limited
ASLAisha Steel Mills Limited10Jun765,529,303Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
ASLPSAisha Steel Mills Limited (Preference Shares)10Jun44,357,057Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
ASLCPSAisha Steel Mills Ltd(Con.Cum.Pref.Share10Jun2,870,083 
ASTLAmreli Steels Ltd.10Jun297,011,427THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
BCLBolan Casting Limited10Jun11,472,529Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
CSAPCrescent Steel & Allied Products Limited10Jun77,632,491Corptec Associates (Pvt.) Limited
DADXDadex Eternit Limited10Jun10,764,000JWAFFS Registrar Services (Pvt.) Limited
DSLDost Steels Limited10Jun315,733,860THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
DKLDrekkar Kingsway Limited10Jun10,000,000F.D. Registrar Services (SMC-Pvt.) Limited
HSPIHuffaz Seamless Pipe Industries Limited10Jun55,484,300THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
INILInternational Industries Limited10Jun119,892,600THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
ISLInternational Steels Limited10Jun435,000,000THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
ITTEFAQIttefaq Iron Industries Limited10Jun144,343,364Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
KSBPK.S.B. Pumps Co. Limited10Dec13,200,000Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
MSCLMetropolitan Steel Corporation Limited10Jun30,977,500F.D. Registrar Services (SMC-Pvt.) Limited
MUGHALMughal Iron and Steel Industries Limited10Jun251,599,650THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
PECOPakistan Engineering Company Limited10Jun5,690,200Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
QUSWQuality Steel Works Limited10Jun1,771,800F.D. Registrar Services (SMC-Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 7)
SymbolCompany Name Sorted by company nameFace ValueYear EndO.S. SharesRegistrar
AHCLArif Habib Corporation Limited10Jun453,750,000Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
DAWHDawood Hercules Corporation Limited10Dec481,287,116FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
ENGROEngro Corporation Limited10Dec523,784,755FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
EFERTEngro Fertilizers Limited10Dec1,335,299,375FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
FATIMAFatima Fertilizer Company Limited10Dec2,100,000,000Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
FFBLFauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Limited10Dec934,110,000Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
FFCFauji Fertilizer Company Limited10Dec1,272,238,147Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 22)
SymbolCompany Name Sorted by company nameFace ValueYear EndO.S. SharesRegistrar
ASCAl-Shaheer Corporation Limited10Jun142,117,427Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
PREMAAt-Tahur Limited10Jun146,667,000Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
CLOVClover Pakistan Limited10Jun9,434,880FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
EFOODSEngro Foods Limited10Dec766,596,075FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
FFLFauji Foods Limited10Dec528,407,192Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
GLPLGillette Pakistan Limited10Jun19,200,000FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
GILGoodluck Industries Limited10Jun300,000C & K Management Associates (Pvt.) Limited
ISILIsmail Industries Limited10Jun63,804,750THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
MFLMatco Foods Limited10Jun122,400,698THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
MFFLMitchells Fruit Farms Limited10Sep7,875,000Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
MUREBMurree Brewery Company Limited10Jun27,663,631Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
NATFNational Foods Limited5Jun124,328,229Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
NESTLENestle Pakistan Limited10Dec45,349,551Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
NMFLNirala MSR Foods Limited10Jun16,589,500Corptec Associates (Pvt.) Limited
QUICEQuice Food Limited10Jun98,461,828Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
RMPLRafhan Maize Products Limited10Dec9,236,400FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SHEZShezan International Limited10Jun8,784,600Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
SCLShield Corporation Limited10Jun3,900,000Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
TREETTreet Corporation Limited10Jun160,084,685Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
TCLTCTreet Corporation Limited (Pref Term Certificates)30Jun41,822,250Scarlet IT Systems (Pvt.) Limited
UPFLUnilever Pakistan Foods Limited10Dec6,369,932FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
ZILZIL Limited10Dec6,122,600THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 10)
SymbolCompany Name Sorted by company nameFace ValueYear EndO.S. SharesRegistrar
BGLBaluchistan Glass Limited10Jun261,600,000Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
EMCOEmco Industries Limited10Jun34,999,667Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
FRCLFrontier Ceramics Limited10Jun37,873,821Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
GHGLGhani Glass Limited10Jun416,571,281Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
GGGLGhani Global Glass Limited10Jun100,000,000Vision Consulting Limited
GVGLGhani Value Glass Limited10Jun37,439,531Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
KCLKaram Ceramics Limited10Jun14,549,060THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
REGALRegal Ceramics Limited10Jun7,300,000 
STCLShabbir Tiles and Ceramics Limited5Jun239,320,620Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
TGLTariq Glass Industries Limited10Jun73,458,000Shemas International (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 31)
SymbolCompany Name Sorted by company nameFace ValueYear EndO.S. SharesRegistrar
AICLAdamjee Insurance Company Limited10Dec350,000,000Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
ASICAsia Insurance Company Limited10Dec60,337,391Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
AGICAskari General Inusrance Company Limited10Dec62,523,390THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
ALACR3Askari Life Ass(R)10Jun50,000,000 
ALACAskari Life Assurance Company Limited10Dec60,172,014THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
ATILAtlas Insurance Limited10Dec70,161,388Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
BEEMBeema Pakistan Company Limited10Dec41,683,700 
BIICBusiness & Industrial Insurance Company10Dec8,554,376Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
CENICentury Insurance Company Limited10Dec50,296,803FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
CSILCrescent Star Insurance Company Limited10Dec107,695,041F.D. Registrar Services (SMC-Pvt.) Limited
CYANCyan Limited10Dec58,627,584Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
EFUGEFU General Insurance Limited10Dec200,000,000Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
EFULEFU Life Assurance Limited10Dec100,000,001Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
EWICEast West Insurance Company Limited10Dec60,978,201THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
HICLHabib Insurance Company Limited5Dec123,874,755Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
IGIHLIGI Holdings Limited10Dec142,630,550FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
IGILIGI Life Insurance Company Limited10Dec70,567,200THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
JGICLJubilee General Insurance Company Limited10Dec180,446,708THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
JLICLJubilee Life Insurance Company Limited10Dec79,330,680Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
PILPICIC Insurance Limited10Dec35,000,000FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
PKGIPakistan General Insurance Company Limited10Dec46,401,450Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
PAKRIPakistan Reinsurance Company Limited10Dec300,000,000Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
PINLPremier Insurance Limited5Dec50,565,105FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
PRICProgressive Insurance Company Limited10Dec8,500,000Shares & Corporate Services (Pvt.) Limited
RICLReliance Insurance Company Limited10Dec56,141,284C & K Management Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SHNIShaheen Insurance Company Limited10Dec60,000,000Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
SSICSilver Star Insurance Co. Limited10Dec30,564,844 
SICLStandard Insurance Company Limited10Dec750,000 
TPLITPL Insurance Limited10Dec93,866,261THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
UNICUnited Insurance Company of Pakistan Limited10Dec226,175,376Shares & Corporate Services (Pvt.) Limited
UVICUniversal Insurance Company Limited10Dec50,000,000Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 28)
SymbolCompany Name Sorted by company nameFace ValueYear EndO.S. SharesRegistrar
786786 Investment Limited10Jun14,973,750F.D. Registrar Services (SMC-Pvt.) Limited
AMSLAl-Mal Securities & Services Limited10Jun5,000,000 
AMBLApna Microfinance Bank Limited10Dec250,000,000Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
AHLArif Habib Limited10Jun66,000,000Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
BIPLSBIPL Securities Limited10Dec100,000,000THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
DELDawood Equities Limited10Jun25,000,000F.D. Registrar Services (SMC-Pvt.) Limited
EFGHEFG Hermes Pakistan Limited10Dec20,015,650F.D. Registrar Services (SMC-Pvt.) Limited
ESBLEscorts Investment Bank Limited10Jun44,100,000Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
FCELFirst Capital Equites Limited10Jun141,335,500Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
FCSCFirst Capital Securites Corporation Limited10Jun316,610,115THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
FCIBLFirst Credit & Invest Bank Limited10Jun65,000,000THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
FDIBLFirst Dawood Investment Bank Limited10Jun148,390,023F.D. Registrar Services (SMC-Pvt.) Limited
FNELFirst National Equities Limited10Jun141,809,831Corptec Associates (Pvt.) Limited
ICIBLInvest Capital Investment Bank Limited10Jun284,866,896Corptec Associates (Pvt.) Limited
ITSLInvestec Securites Limited10Jun16,333,333Your Secretary (Pvt.) Limited
JSGCLJS Global Capital Limited10Dec38,007,000Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
JSILJS Investments Limited10Dec80,171,818Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
JSCLJahangir Siddiqui Company Limited10Dec915,942,388Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
JOVCJaved Omer Vohra and Company Limited10Jun50,820,000Gangjees Registrar Services (Pvt.) Limited
MCBAHMCB-ARIF Habib Savings & Investments Ltd10Jun72,000,000Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
NEXTNext Capital Limited10Jun45,000,000FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
PSXPakistan Stock Exchange Limited10Jun801,476,600FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
PASLPervez Ahmed Securities Limited10Jun186,568,487THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
PDGHPrudential Discount Guarantee House Limited10Jun10,000,000Shares & Corporate Services (Pvt.) Limited
PRIBPrudential Investment Bank Limited10Jun10,000,000Shares & Corporate Services (Pvt.) Limited
SIBLSecurity Investment Bank Limited10Dec51,433,559C & K Management Associates (Pvt.) Limited
TRIBLTrust Investment Bank Limited10Jun119,885,111Vision Consulting Limited
TSBLTrust Securities and Brokerage Limited10Jun30,000,000Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 2)
SymbolCompany Name Sorted by company nameFace ValueYear EndO.S. SharesRegistrar
CJPLCrescent Jute Proudcts Limited10Jun23,763,468Corptec Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SUHJSuhail Jute Mills Limited10Jun3,745,000Corplink (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 10)
SymbolCompany Name Sorted by company nameFace ValueYear EndO.S. SharesRegistrar
CPALCapital Assets Leasing Corporation Limited10Jun10,744,413F.D. Registrar Services (SMC-Pvt.) Limited
ENGLEnglish Leasing Limited10Jun8,000,000C & K Management Associates (Pvt.) Limited
GRYLGrays Leasing Limited10Jun21,500,000Corptec Associates (Pvt.) Limited
OLPLOrix Leasing Pakistan Limited10Jun167,054,903Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
PGLCPak Gulf Leasing Company Limited10Jun25,369,800THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
PICLPakistan Industrial and Commercial Leasing Limited10Jun39,398,933 
SLLSME Leasing Limited10Dec32,000,000Corptec Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SPLCSaudi Pak Leasing Company Limited10Jun45,160,500THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SLCLSecurity Leasing Corporation Limited10Jun36,300,000Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
SLCPASecurity Leasing Corporation Limited - 9.1% Preference Shares10Jun11,250,000Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 5)
SymbolCompany Name Sorted by company nameFace ValueYear EndO.S. SharesRegistrar
BATABata Pakistan Limited10Dec7,560,000Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
FILFateh Industries Limited.10Jun2,000,000F.D. Registrar Services (SMC-Pvt.) Limited
LEULLeather Up Industries Limited10Jun6,000,000C & K Management Associates (Pvt.) Limited
PAKLPak Leather Crafts Limited10Jun3,400,000 
SRVIService Industries Limited10Dec12,028,800Corplink (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 23)
SymbolCompany Name Sorted by company nameFace ValueYear EndO.S. SharesRegistrar
AKDCLAKD Capital Limited10Jun2,507,273C & K Management Associates (Pvt.) Limited
AKGLAl-Khair Gadoon Limited10Jun10,000,000Shemas International (Pvt.) Limited
ARPAKArpak International Investment Limited10Jun4,000,000Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
DCTLDadabhoy Construction Technology Limited10Jun2,322,800F.D. Registrar Services (SMC-Pvt.) Limited
DIILDiamond Industries Limited10Jun9,000,000Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
ECOPEcopack Limited10Jun34,680,862THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
GOCGOC (Pak) Limited.10Jun7,348,950 
GAMONGammon Pakistan Limited10Jun28,266,231Management & Registration Services (Pvt.) Limited
HACCHashmi Can Company Limited10Jun1,633,500 
HADCHaydary Construction Company Limited5Jun6,400,000THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
MACFLMacpac Films Limited10Jun59,301,150Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
MWMPMandviwala Mauser Plastic Industries Limited10Jun7,355,400THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
OMLOlympia Mills Limited10Jun12,000,000Najeeb Consultant (Pvt.) Limited
PACEPace (Pakistan) Limited10Jun278,876,604THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
PHDLPakistan Hotels Developers Limited10Jun18,000,000F.D. Registrar Services (SMC-Pvt.) Limited
PSELPakistan Services Limited10Jun32,524,250THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SHFAShifa International Hospitals Limited10Jun54,537,900Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
STPLSiddiqsons Tin Plate Limited10Jun229,278,733THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SPELSynthetic Products Enterprises Limited10Jun85,085,000THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
TPLPTPL Properties Limited10Jun327,393,105THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
TRIPFTri-Pack Films Limited10Dec38,800,000FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
UBDLUnited Brands Limited10Jun91,800,000Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
UDPLUnited Distributors Pakistan Limited10Jun30,670,551Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 31)
SymbolCompany Name Sorted by company nameFace ValueYear EndO.S. SharesRegistrar
ARMAllied Rental Modarba10Jun220,000,000JWAFFS Registrar Services (Pvt.) Limited
AWWALAwwal Modaraba10Jun100,000,000THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
BFMODB.F. Modaraba10Jun7,515,158C & K Management Associates (Pvt.) Limited
BRRB.R.R. Guardian Modaraba10Jun78,046,255F.D. Registrar Services (SMC-Pvt.) Limited
CSMCrescent Standard Modaraba10Jun20,000,000F.D. Registrar Services (SMC-Pvt.) Limited
FANMFirst Al-Noor Modarba10Jun21,000,000FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
FCONMFirst Constellation Modaraba10Jun6,462,500Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
FECMFirst Elite Capital Modaraba10Jun11,340,000Corptec Associates (Pvt.) Limited
FEMFirst Equity Modarba10Jun52,440,000THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
FFLMFirst Fidelity Leasing Modaraba10Jun26,413,804Corptec Associates (Pvt.) Limited
FHAMFirst Habib Modarba Limited5Jun201,600,000Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
FIBLMFirst IBL Modaraba10Jun21,687,500Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
FIMMFirst Imrooz Modaraba Limited10Jun3,000,000Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
FIMFirst Investec Modaraba10Jun3,000,000Your Secretary (Pvt.) Limited
FNBMFirst National Bank Modarba10Jun25,000,000Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
PAKMIFirst Pakistan Modarba10Jun12,540,000F.D. Registrar Services (SMC-Pvt.) Limited
FPRMFirst Paramount Modaraba10Jun13,788,418THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
PMIFirst Prudential Modarba10Jun87,217,660C & K Management Associates (Pvt.) Limited
FPJMFirst Punjab Modarba10Jun34,020,000Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
FTMMFirst Treet Manufacturing Modarba10Jun195,599,994Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
FTSMFirst Tri-Star Modarba10Jun21,163,104Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
FUDLMFirst UDL Modarba10Jun29,025,260Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
HMMHabib Metro Modaraba10Jun30,000,000Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
KASBMKASB Modaraba10Jun48,066,480C & K Management Associates (Pvt.) Limited
MODAMModaraba Al - Mali10Jun18,423,945Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
ORMOrient Rental Mod10Jun75,000,000Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
ORIXMOrix Modaraba10Jun45,383,530FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
PIMPopular Islamic Modaraba10Jun10,000,000 
SINDMSindh Modaraba10Jun45,000,000F.D. Registrar Services (SMC-Pvt.) Limited
TRSMTrust Modarba10Jun29,800,000Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
UCAPMUNICAP Modarba10Jun23,640,000Progressive Management Services (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 4)
SymbolCompany Name Sorted by company nameFace ValueYear EndO.S. SharesRegistrar
MARIMari Petroleum Company Limited10Jun121,275,000Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
OGDCOil and Gas Development Company Limited10Jun4,300,928,400Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
POLPakistan Oilfields Limited10Jun283,855,104Self Handled
PPLPakistan Petroleum Limited10Jun2,267,472,957FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 8)
SymbolCompany Name Sorted by company nameFace ValueYear EndO.S. SharesRegistrar
APLAttock Petroleum Limited10Jun99,532,800Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
BPLBurshane LPG (Pakistan) Limited10Jun22,488,890THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
HASCOLHascol Petroleum Limited10Dec181,018,800Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
HTLHi-Tech Lubricants Limited10Jun116,004,000Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
PSOPakistan State Oil Company Limited10Jun391,227,750THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SHELShell Pakistan Limited10Dec107,012,330FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SNGPSui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited10Jun634,216,666Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
SSGCSui Southern Gas Company Limited10Jun880,916,400Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 10)
SymbolCompany Name Sorted by company nameFace ValueYear EndO.S. SharesRegistrar
ABSONAbson Industries Limited10Jun3,100,000 
BPBLBaluchistan Particle Board Limited5Jun6,000,000THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
CEPBCentury Paper and Board Mills Limited10Jun147,018,345FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
CPPLCherat Packaging Limited.10Jun38,642,578Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
DBSLDadabhoy Sack Limited10Jun4,000,000Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
MERITMerit Packaging Limited10Jun80,628,398FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
PKGSPackages Limited10Dec89,379,504FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
PPPPakistan Paper Prouducts Limited10Jun8,000,000F.D. Registrar Services (SMC-Pvt.) Limited
RPLRoshan Packages Limited10Jun141,900,000Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
SEPLSecurity Paper Limited10Jun59,255,985FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 12)
SymbolCompany Name Sorted by company nameFace ValueYear EndO.S. SharesRegistrar
AGPAGP Limited10Dec280,000,000Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
ABOTAbbot Laboatories (Pakistan) Limited10Dec97,900,302FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
FEROZFerozsons Laboratories Limited10Jun30,186,841Corptec Associates (Pvt.) Limited
GLAXOGlaxoSmithKline (Pakistan) Limited10Dec318,467,278Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
GSKCHGlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Pakistan Limited10Dec95,550,183Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
HINOONHighnoon Laboratories Limited10Dec28,607,395Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
IBLHLIBL HealthCare Limited10Jun54,087,605Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
MACTERMacter International Limited10Jun39,144,351F.D. Registrar Services (SMC-Pvt.) Limited
OTSUOtsuka Pakistan Limited10Jun12,100,000Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
SAPLSanofi-Aventis Pakistan Limited10Dec9,644,800FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SEARLThe Searle Company Limited10Jun212,425,272Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
WYETHWyeth Pakistan Limited100Nov1,421,610THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 19)
SymbolCompany Name Sorted by company nameFace ValueYear EndO.S. SharesRegistrar
ALTNAltern Energy Limited10Jun363,380,000Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
AELArshad Energy Limited10Jun8,000,000F.D. Registrar Services (SMC-Pvt.) Limited
EPQLEngro Powergen Qadirpur Limited10Dec323,800,000FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
GENPGenertech Pakistan Limited10Jun19,800,000Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
HUBCHub Power Company Limited10Jun1,157,154,400FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
JPGLJapan Power Generation Limited10Jun156,037,591Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
KELK-Electric Limited3.5Jun27,615,194,245Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
KOHEKohinoor Energy Limited10Jun169,458,614Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
KOHPKohinoor Power Company Limited10Jun12,600,000Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
KAPCOKot Addu Power Company Limited10Jun880,253,228THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
LPLLalpir Power Limited10Dec379,838,732Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
NCPLNishat Chunian Power Limited10Jun367,346,939Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
NPLNishat Power Limited10Jun354,088,500Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
PKGPPAKGEN Power Limited10Dec372,081,591Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
SGPLS.G. Power Limited10Jun17,833,200Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
SPWLSaif Power Limited10Dec386,471,779THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SELSitara Energy Limited10Jun19,092,000Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
SEPCOSouthern Electric Power Company Limited10Jun136,675,752Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
TSPLTri-Star Power Limited10Jun15,000,000Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 1)
SymbolCompany Name Sorted by company nameFace ValueYear EndO.S. SharesRegistrar
DCRDolmen City Reit10Jun2,223,700,000 


(Number of companies in sector: 4)
SymbolCompany Name Sorted by company nameFace ValueYear EndO.S. SharesRegistrar
ATRLAttock Refinery Limited10Jun106,616,250THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
BYCOByco Petroleum Pakistan Limited10Jun5,329,884,706FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
NRLNational Refinery Limited10Jun79,966,560THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
PRLPakistan Refinery Limited10Jun294,000,000FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 34)
SymbolCompany Name Sorted by company nameFace ValueYear EndO.S. SharesRegistrar
AGSMLAbdullah Shah Ghazi Sugar Mills Limited10Sep79,261,700Five Ks (Pvt.) Limited
ADAMSAdam Sugar Mills Limited10Sep17,291,008C & K Management Associates (Pvt.) Limited
AABSAl-Abbas Sugar Mills Limited10Sep17,362,300Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
ALNRSAl-Noor Sugar Mills Limited10Sep20,473,755C & K Management Associates (Pvt.) Limited
ANSMAnsari Sugar Mills Limtied10Sep56,136,657Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
BAFSBaba Farid Sugar Mills Limited10Sep9,450,000Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
CHASChashma Sugar Mills Limited.10Sep28,692,000Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
DWSMDewan Sugar Mills Limited10Sep91,511,992BMF Consultants Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited
FRSMFaran Sugar Mills Limited10Sep25,007,151C & K Management Associates (Pvt.) Limited
HABSMHabib Sugar Mills Limited5Sep150,000,000THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
HALHabib-ADM Limited5Jun40,000,000Secretarial Services (Pvt.) Limited
HWQSHaseeb Waqas Sugar Mills Limited10Sep32,400,000Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
HSMHusein Sugar Mills Limited10Sep25,000,000Corptec Associates (Pvt.) Limited
IMSLImperial Sugar Limited10Sep99,020,000Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
JDWSJ.D.W. Sugar Mills Limited10Sep59,776,661Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
JSMLJauharabad Sugar Mills Limited10Sep28,440,378Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
KPUSKhairpur Sugar Mills Limited10Sep16,017,500C & K Management Associates (Pvt.) Limited
MRNSMehran Sugar Mills Limited10Sep32,031,407C & K Management Associates (Pvt.) Limited
MIRKSMirpurkhas Sugar Mills Limited10Sep12,268,219Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
MZSMMirza Sugar Mills Limited10Sep14,100,000Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
NONSNoon Sugar Mills Limited10Sep16,517,456Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
PNGRSPangrio Sugar Mills Limited10Sep10,850,000Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
PMRSPremier Sugar Mills and Distillery Company Limited10Sep3,750,000Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SKRSSakrand Sugar Mills Limited10Sep44,616,000JWAFFS Registrar Services (Pvt.) Limited
SLSOSaleem Sugar Mills Limited (O)10Sep1,121,600 
SLSOPPSaleem Suger Mills Limited (PP)5Sep160,000 
SLSOPVISaleem Suger Mills Ltd .(P) 6%100Jun50,000 
SANSMSanghar Sugar Mills Limited10Sep11,946,000Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SHSMLShahmurad Sugar Mills Limited10Sep21,118,800C & K Management Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SHJSShahtaj Sugar Mills Limited10Sep12,011,200Corporate Support Services (Pvt.) Limited
SMLShakarganj Limited10Sep125,000,000Corptec Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SASMLSind Abadgar Sugar Mills Limited10Sep10,425,000JWAFFS Registrar Services (Pvt.) Limited
TSMLTandlianwala Sugar Mills Limited10Sep117,706,300Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
TICLThal Industries Corporation Limited10Sep15,023,200Corplink (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 11)
SymbolCompany Name Sorted by company nameFace ValueYear EndO.S. SharesRegistrar
AASMAl-Abid Silk Mills Limited10Jun13,409,550JWAFFS Registrar Services (Pvt.) Limited
DSFLDewan Salman Fibre Limited10Jun366,321,085BMF Consultants Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited
GATIGatron Industries Limited10Jun38,364,500C & K Management Associates (Pvt.) Limited
IBFLIbrahim Fibre Limited10Jun310,506,995Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
NAFLNational Fibres Limited10Jun84,777,800 
NSRMNational Silk and Rayon Mills Limited10Jun15,553,133Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
NORSNoor Silk Mills Limited10Jun400,000 
PSYLPakistan Synthetics Limited10Jun56,040,000Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
RUPLRupali Polyester Limited10Jun34,068,500Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
SGABLS.G. Allied Businsses Limited10Jun15,000,000Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
TRPOLTri-Star Polyester Limited10Jun45,078,003Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 12)
SymbolCompany Name Sorted by company nameFace ValueYear EndO.S. SharesRegistrar
AVNAvanceon Limited10Dec136,323,754FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
HCLHallmark Company Limited10Jun500,000F.D. Registrar Services (SMC-Pvt.) Limited
HUMNLHum Network Limited1Jun945,000,000Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
MDTLMedia Times Limited10Jun178,851,010Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
NETSOLNetSol Technologies Limited10Jun89,722,923Vision Consulting Limited
PAKDPak Datacom Limited10Jun9,801,000Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
PTCPakistan Telecommunication Company Limited10Dec3,774,000,000FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SYSSystems Limited10Dec111,827,652THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
TPLTPL Corp Limited10Jun217,248,963THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
TRGTRG Pakistan Limited10Jun545,390,665THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
TELETelecard Limited10Jun300,000,000JWAFFS Registrar Services (Pvt.) Limited
WTLWorldCall Telecom Limited10Dec1,201,998,776THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 57)
SymbolCompany Name Sorted by company nameFace ValueYear EndO.S. SharesRegistrar
COST(Colony) Sarhad Textile Mills Limited10Jun4,000,000Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
COTT(Colony) Thal Textile Mills Limited10Jun5,568,800Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
AHTMAhmed Hassan Textile Mills Limited10Jun14,408,260Vision Consulting Limited
ADMMArtistic Denim Mills Limited10Jun84,000,000Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
ARUJAruj Industries Limited10Jun10,457,890Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
ANLPSAzgard Nine - 8.95% Convertable Preference Shares10Jun66,125,083 
ANLAzgard Nine Limited10Jun449,349,439Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
ANLNVAzgard Nine Limited (Non Voting Shares)10Jun5,522,433 
BHATBhanero Textile Mills Limited10Jun3,000,000Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
BTLBlessed Textile Mills Limited10Jun6,432,000Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
CHBLChenab Limited10Jun115,000,000Consulting One (Pvt.) Limited
CLCPSChenab Limited - Preference Shares10Jun80,000,000 
CRTMCrescent Textile Mills Limited10Jun80,000,000Corptec Associates (Pvt.) Limited
DLLDawood Lawrancepur Limited10Dec59,057,856Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
FASMFaisal Spinning Mills Limited10Jun10,000,000Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
FSWLFateh Sports Wear Limited10Jun2,000,000F.D. Registrar Services (SMC-Pvt.) Limited
FTHMFateh Textile Mills Limited10Jun1,250,000Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
FMLFeroze 1888 Mills Limited10Jun376,800,968FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
GFILGhazi Fabrics International Limited10Jun32,635,600Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
GATMGul Ahmed Textile Mills Limited10Jun356,495,525FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
HAFLHafiz Limited10Jun1,200,000MG Associates (Pvt.) Limited
HAELHala Enterprises Limited10Jun6,804,000Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
HATMHamid Textile Mills Limited10Jun13,271,600Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
HUSIHusein Industries Limited10Jun10,625,852C & K Management Associates (Pvt.) Limited
INKLInternational Knitwear Limited10Jun9,675,000Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
ISTMIshaq Textile Mills Limited10Jun9,660,000Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
JUBSJubilee Spinning and Weaving Mills Limited10Jun32,491,205Vision Consulting Limited
KAKLKaiser Art and Kraft Mills Limited10Jun8,550,000 
KHYTKhyber Textile Mills Limited10Jun1,227,500Rahim Jan Hafizullah Associate (Pvt) Limited
KOILKohinoor Industries Limited10Jun30,302,580Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
KMLKohinoor Mills Limited10Jun50,911,011Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
KTMLKohinoor Textile Mills Limited10Jun299,296,456Vision Consulting Limited
MSOTPSMasood Tex.(Pref)10Jun31,166,668 
MSOTMasood Textile Mills Limited10Jun67,500,000Orient Software & Management Services
MEHTMehmood Textile Mills Limited10Jun15,000,020Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
MTILMian Textile Industries Limited10Jun22,105,200Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
MFTMMohummed Farooq Textile Mills Limited10Jun18,889,200F.D. Registrar Services (SMC-Pvt.) Limited
MUBTMubarak Textile Mills Limited10Jun5,400,000Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
NINANina Industries Limited10Jun24,200,000Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
NCLNishat Chunian Limited10Jun240,221,556Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
NMLNishat Mills Limited10Jun351,599,848Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
PASMParamount Spinning Mills Limited10Jun17,352,330Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
QUETQuetta Textile Mills Limited10Jun13,000,000Najeeb Consultant (Pvt.) Limited
REDCORedco Textiles Limited10Jun49,292,600Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
REWMReliance Weaving Mills Limited10Jun30,810,938Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
SFLLSFL Limited10Jun20,091,450THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SFATSafa Textiles Limited10Jun4,000,000C & K Management Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SFLSapphire Fibers Limited10Jun19,687,500THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SAPTSapphire Textile Mills Limited10Jun20,083,140Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SCHTSchon Textiles Limited10Jun11,970,000 
STMLShams Textile Mills Limited10Jun8,640,000Corptec Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SURCSuraj Cotton Mills Limited10Jun36,671,312Corptec Associates (Pvt.) Limited
TAJTTaj Textile Mills Limited10Jun33,442,000 
TOWLTowellers Limited10Jun17,000,000THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
USMTUsman Textile MIlls Limited10Jun3,726,300 
ZAHIDZahidjee Textile Mills Limited10Jun191,421,102Corptec Associates (Pvt.) Limited
ZHCMZahur Cotton Mills Limited10Jun9,860,000Corplink (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 78)
SymbolCompany Name Sorted by company nameFace ValueYear EndO.S. SharesRegistrar
AALAgro Allianz Limited10Jun1,183,200F.D. Registrar Services (SMC-Pvt.) Limited
AZTMAl-Azhar Textile Mills Limited10Jun8,550,400 
AQTMAl-Qaim Textile Mills Limited10Jun7,453,000Your Secretary (Pvt.) Limited
AATMAli Asghar Textile Mills Limited5Jun44,426,694C & K Management Associates (Pvt.) Limited
AWTXAllawasaya Textile & Weaving Mills Limited10Jun800,000Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
AMTEXAmtex Limited10Jun259,430,134Vision Consulting Limited
ANNTAnnoor Textile Mills Limited5Jun1,742,400 
APOTApollo Textile Mills Limited10Jun8,284,700Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
ASTMAsim Textile Mills Limited10Jun15,177,000Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
AYTMAyesha Textile Mills Limited10Jun1,400,000Corptec Associates (Pvt.) Limited
AZMTAzmat Textile Mills Limited10Sep950,000 
BCMLBabri Cotton Mills Limited10Jun3,652,178Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
BILFBilal Fibres Limited10Jun14,100,000Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
BROTBrothers Textile Mills Limited10Jun9,801,000Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
CWSMChakwal Spinning Mills Limited5Jun40,000,000Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
CTMColony Textile Mills Limited10Jun498,010,000Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
CCMCrescent Cotton Mills Limited10Jun22,660,123Yaqoob Associates (Pvt.) Limited
CFLCrescent Fibres Limited10Jun12,417,876Crescent Group Services (Pvt.) Limited
DMTXD.M. Textile Mills Limited10Jun3,052,400Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
DSILD.S. Industires Limited10Jun83,685,631THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
DSMLDar-es-Salaam Textile Mills Limited10Jun8,000,000Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
DATMData Textile Limited10Jun9,909,600Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
DFSMDewan Farooque Spinning Mills Limited10Jun97,750,726BMF Consultants Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited
DKTMDewan Khalid Textile Mills Limited10Jun9,610,759BMF Consultants Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited
DMTMDewan Mushtaq Textile Mills Limited10Jun6,561,028BMF Consultants Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited
DWTMDewan Textile Mills Limited10Jun46,064,609BMF Consultants Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited
DINTDin Textile Mills Limited10Jun29,148,195Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
ELCMElahi Cotton Mills Limited10Jun1,300,000Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
ELSMEllcot Spinning Mills Limited10Jun10,950,000Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
FAELFatima Enterprizes Limited10Jun14,231,000 
FZCMFazal Cloth Mills Limited10Jun30,000,000Vision Consulting Limited
GADTGadoon Textile Mills Limited10Jun28,029,583Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
GLOTGlobe Textile Mills Limited10Jun16,367,085 
GUSMGulistan Spinning Mills Limited10Jun14,641,000Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
GUTMGulistan Textile Mills Limited10Jun18,983,872Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
GSPMGulshan Spinning Mills Limited10Jun22,225,038Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
HMIMHaji Mohammed Ismail Mills Limited10Jun11,975,040Najeeb Consultant (Pvt.) Limited
HAJTHajra Textile Mills Limited10Jun13,750,000Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
HIRATHira Textile Mills Limited10Jun86,577,920Vision Consulting Limited
IDSMIdeal Spinning Mills Limited10Jun9,920,000F.D. Registrar Services (SMC-Pvt.) Limited
IDRTIdrees Textile Mills Limited10Jun19,852,800NI Associates (Pvt.) Limited
IDYMIndus Dyeing Manufacturing Company Limited10Jun18,073,731JWAFFS Registrar Services (Pvt.) Limited
ISHTIshtiaq Textile Mills Limited10Jun4,250,000MG Associates (Pvt.) Limited
ILTMIsland Textile Mills Limited10Jun500,000Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
JATMJ.A. Textile Mills Limited10Jun12,601,200Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
JKSMJ.K. Spinning Mills Limited10Jun73,083,930 
JDMTJanana-de-Malucho Textile Mills Limited10Jun4,784,794Management & Registration Services (Pvt.) Limited
KSTMKhalid Siraj Textile Mills Limited10Jun10,700,000Software (Pvt.) Limited
KHSMKhurshid Spinning Mills Limited10Jun13,174,800Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
KOHTMKohat Textile Mills Limited10Jun20,800,000Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
KOSMKohinoor Spinning Mills Limited5Jun215,714,285Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
LMSMLand Mark Spinning Industries Limited10Jun12,123,700F.D. Registrar Services (SMC-Pvt.) Limited
MQTMMaqbool Textile Mills Limited10Jun16,800,000Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
MDTMMehr Dastgir Textile Mills Limited10Jun9,200,000 
MUKTMukhtar Textile Mills Limited10Jun14,500,000 
NPSMN.P. Spinning Mills Limited10Jun14,700,000Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
NATMNadeem Textile Mills Limited10Jun19,211,985Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
NAGCNagina Cotton Mills Limited10Jun18,700,000Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
NCMLNazir Cotton Mills Limited10Jun23,000,000Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
PRETPremium Textile Mills Limited10Jun6,163,000F.D. Registrar Services (SMC-Pvt.) Limited
RAVTRavi Textile Mills Limited10Jun25,000,000Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
RCMLReliance Cotton Spinning Mills Limited10Jun10,292,000Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
RUBYRuby Textile Mills Limited10Jun52,214,400Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
SAIFSaif Textile Mills Limited10Jun26,412,900Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SJTMSajjad Textile Mills Limited10Jun21,267,800Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SALTSalfi Textile Mills Limited10Jun3,342,570Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
SLYTSally Textile Mills Limited10Jun8,775,000Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
SANESalman Noman Enterpries Limited10Jun4,467,036Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
SNAISana Industries Limited10Jun8,593,750Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
SRSMSargodha Spinning Mills Limited10Jun31,200,000Corptec Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SSMLSaritow Spinning Mills Limited10Jun29,840,607Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
SERTService Textile Industries Limited10Jun4,449,200Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
SHDTShadab Textile Mills Limited10Jun3,000,000Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
SHCMShadman Cotton Mills Limited10Jun17,636,800Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
SZTMShahzad Textile Mills Limited10Jun17,971,372Hassan Farooq Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SUTMSunrays Textile Mills Limited10Jun6,900,000JWAFFS Registrar Services (Pvt.) Limited
SUCMSunshine Cotton Mills Limited10Sep7,851,100 
TATMTata Textile Mills Limited10Jun17,324,750Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 12)
SymbolCompany Name Sorted by company nameFace ValueYear EndO.S. SharesRegistrar
ASHTAshfaq Textile Mills Limited10Jun34,985,000Consulting One (Pvt.) Limited
HKKTHakkim Textile Mills Limited10Sep5,394,800 
ICCTI.C.C. Textile Limited10Jun30,001,120Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
MOHEMohib Exports Limited10Sep15,180,000 
PRWMProsperity Weaving Mills Limited10Jun18,480,000Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SDOTSadoon Textile Mills Limited10Sep3,000,000 
SDILSaleem Denim Industries Limited10Jun3,901,800 
SMTMSamin Textiles Limited10Jun26,728,000Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
SERFService Fabircs Limited10Jun15,754,800THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
STJTShahtaj Textile Mills Limited10Jun9,660,000Corporate Support Services (Pvt.) Limited
YOUWYousuf Weaving Mills Limited10Jun90,000,000Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
ZTLZephyr Textile Limited10Jun59,428,729THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 3)
SymbolCompany Name Sorted by company nameFace ValueYear EndO.S. SharesRegistrar
KHTCKhyber Tobacco Company Limited10Jun4,807,200Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
PAKTPakistan Tobacco Company Limited10Dec255,493,792FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
PMPKPhilip Morris (Pakistan) Limited10Dec61,580,341FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 5)
SymbolCompany Name Sorted by company nameFace ValueYear EndO.S. SharesRegistrar
PIAAPakistan International Airlines Corporation10Dec2,877,217,467Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
PIABPakistan International Airlines Corporation (B Class Shares)5Dec1,500,000Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
PIBTLPakistan International Bulk Terminal Limited10Jun1,786,092,772Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
PICTPakistan International Container Terminal Limited10Dec109,153,152Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
PNSCPakistan National Shipping Corporation Limited10Jun132,063,360Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 6)
SymbolCompany Name Sorted by company nameFace ValueYear EndO.S. SharesRegistrar
EXTRExtraction (Pakistan) Limited10Sep1,000,000 
MOILMorafco Industries Limited10Jun568,300 
POMLPunjab Oil Mills Limited10Jun5,390,625Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
SSOMS.S. Oil Mills Limited10Jun5,658,400Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
SURAJSuraj Ghee Industries Limited10Jun958,100 
UNITYUnity Foods Limited10Jun169,050,000F.D. Registrar Services (SMC-Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 2)
SymbolCompany Name Sorted by company nameFace ValueYear EndO.S. SharesRegistrar
BNWMBannu Woollen Mills Limited10Jun9,506,250Management & Registration Services (Pvt.) Limited
BNLBunny's Limited10Jun51,388,669THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited

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