Daily Quotations Software:

As promised earlier, I have made a daily quotations software that can download data directly from PSX and prepare MetaStock (txt format) and MsExcel (csv format) compatible EOD daily quotations file for any historic date for which data is present on PSX website. Data on their website is usually updated 2 hours after market's closing. The resultant file will not contain indices data but it will contain all the shares traded in regular and future markets for that given day.

The download offered here is a trial version that will work till 31st December 2020. It is enclosed in a zip file therefore you will need to extract it before use. If you find this software useful and wish to use it beyond that date then you will need to pay PKR 5,000 to get the unlocked version. Only if you wish to buy this software, you will need to express your consent below by providing us your contact details. The site owner will contact you to provide details regarding payment procedure and deliver you the unlocked software through email.

Important notes and disclaimer:
This software requires .Net framework 4.5.2. If you are using Windows 10 then it will already be present in your operating system. Windows 7 users might need to install if it is not present on their computers. It is freely available from Microsoft website. I have personally checked this software on Windows 7 and Windows 10 and it works without any errors. If you are getting errors then you are either trying to make quotation file for a date where PSX market was closed or trying to make file too early for current session and PSX has not uploaded their data yet. Additionally you also have the ability to change settings of software if PSX decides to change their URL in future. This does not mean that I take the responsibility for PSX will never decide to stop providing EOD data or change its format so much that the software stops functioning properly. This software is provided on as is basis. If you are unable to figure out how to use it then certainly you shall not buy it or even use it. NO AFTER SALE SERVICE WILL BE PROVIDED.

Bug fixes:
This is a trial software and might contains bugs for which I need your help in the form of detailed error report. Without such detail I can not figure out what error you are seeing.

Ver (Bug fix) Date in resultant file was being saved in the format of user's computer settings.


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