X-Rate Calculator:

Calculate XD / XB / XR rates of shares listed at Karachi Stock Exchange.

Simplified Calculation Formulas:
XD = CR - (FV x D %age)
XB = CR / (1 + B %age)
XR = (CR + (RR x R %age)) / (1 + R %age)
XDXB = XD / (1 + B %age)
XDXR = (XD + (RR x R %age)) / (1 + R %age)
XBXR = (CR + (RR x R %age)) / (1 + B %age + R %age)
XDXBXR = (XD + (RR x R %age)) / (1 + B %age + R %age)
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