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Corptec Associates (Pvt.) Limited:

Contact information:

Corptec Associates (Pvt.) Limited

503-E, Johar Town

(042) 35170335
(042) 35170336
(042) 35170337

(042) 35170338

Web Address:

Email Address:
[email protected]

List of companies dealt-in by Corptec Associates (Pvt.) Limited

S. No. Company Name & Symbol S. No. Company Name & Symbol
1 Crescent Jute Proudcts Limited
Symbol: CJPL
12 Invest Capital Investment Bank Limited
Symbol: ICIBL
2 Crescent Steel & Allied Products Limited
Symbol: CSAP
13 J.K. Spinning Mills Limited
Symbol: JKSM
3 Crescent Textile Mills Limited
Symbol: CRTM
14 Masood Textile Mills Limited
Symbol: MSOT
4 Ferozsons Laboratories Limited
Symbol: FEROZ
15 Nirala MSR Foods Limited
Symbol: NMFL
5 First Elite Capital Modaraba
Symbol: FECM
16 Sazgar Engineering Works Limited
Symbol: SAZEW
6 First Fidelity Leasing Modaraba
Symbol: FFLM
17 Shakarganj Limited
Symbol: SML
7 First IBL Modaraba
Symbol: FIBLM
18 Shams Textile Mills Limited
Symbol: STML
8 First National Equities Limited
Symbol: FNEL
19 SME Leasing Limited
Symbol: SLL
9 GOC (Pak) Limited.
Symbol: GOC
20 Suraj Cotton Mills Limited
Symbol: SURC
10 Grays Leasing Limited
Symbol: GRYL
21 Zahidjee Textile Mills Limited
Symbol: ZAHID
11 Husein Sugar Mills Limited
Symbol: HSM

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